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Cody O'Rourke and Jeff Halper


How Israel Undermines International Law Through "Lawfare"

by Jeff Halper



In the end, the unsustainability of warehousing Palestinians will force the hand of the international community. The Israeli government, so strong it does not know when to stop, will lead us to that moment.

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Analysis: Demolishing homes, demolishing peace

Thoughts from Jeff Halper, and his theory on the last strategy by Sharon of regionalism



The Pete Seeger I knew: Against injustice, dedicated to dialogue

 Stop the demolitions in Jerusalem!

Jeff Halper

How do we respond to Kerry? I don’t know of anyone familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – across the board – who sees in the Kerry initiative anything other than an attempt to impose on the Palestinians a Pax Israeliana. In fact, neither Kerry nor his Israeli partners bother to deny it.