Imagine if your home was demolished and you were powerless to do anything about it.


Since its founding in 1997, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) activists have been rebuilding Palestinian homes demolished by the Israeli authorities as a form of political protest against Israel’s Occupation.


More than 48,000 Palestinian homes and structures have been demolished in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza since 1967. Home demolition is a form of collective punishment against innocent Palestinians who live under occupation and is a flagrant violation of the 4th Geneva Convention.


Never has your support been so needed. In the wake of the Israeli government’s bombardment of Gaza over July and August, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists continue their non-violent resistance to Israel’s Occupation through ICAHD; rebuilding together demonstrates that we are partners in peace-building.


ICAHD had planned to rebuild this specific home during its 12th annual rebuilding camp for internationals in August. However, the attack on Gaza and the ensuing unrest in the West Bank prevented proceedings. ICAHD is resolved not to cancel its commitment to the 'AF' family and with Israel’s escalation of demolitions and displacement during 2014, this is precisely the time Palestinians need demonstrations of support and solidarity.


This winter we will rebuild this home for a family of seven plus others from the extended family. ICAHD believes the world must not ignore the travesties of Israel’s Occupation and its impact on ordinary people. We ask you to donate anything you can to help finance this. To date ICAHD has rebuilt 187 homes. 

Photograph from a former ICAHD re-build.

Salim Shawamreh inspecting the foundations of the new site.

Where Will Your Money Go?


Your money will not only serve the most basic and immediate needs of a Palestinian family, but rebuilding is a powerful and unifying means of opposing the illegal policies of the Israeli occupation and expressing solidarity with Palestinian families.


Your money will help provide the materials to rebuild a fully functioning 72 sq m Palestinian home. This will require $22,000/€15,595/£13,610 in total; any surplus funds will help finance our re-building project in 2015. We really do need all the financial support we can gather to help us in this costly but essential work. Every pound helps!

Here is just a small sample of where your money will be going:

£5 will pay for 10 bricks – 700 are needed for the interior of the house

£5 will pay for bags of cement – 100 are needed

£10 will pay for 10 concrete blocks – 1000 are needed for the exterior of the house

£100 will pay for a water tank


ICAHD was founded in 1997 and is a peace and human rights organisation that works to end the Occupation with a just and sustainable solution for all peoples. It has ECOSO consultancy status at the UN. To find out more about ICAHD and the family we are re-building for please visit our website:


Thank you to all those who contributed!

If you still wish to donate to ICAHD for present and future research and campaigns please follow the PayPal link on the main page.