What can you do?

Going to the Matrix of Control page is a great starting point. For Jeff Halper’s take on things, check out his commentary for some unique and current articles. For more in depth analysis check out our different publications


In addition, check out the campaigns of our partners, in which ICAHD is also involved, especially BDS:  The BDS movement in Palestine; Who Profits in Israel; and the BDS movement in your country. 

Every year ICAHD runs a summer camp to rebuild demolished Palestinian homes. Besides construction, the two-week camp offers alternative tours of Israel and the Occupied Territories, meetings with local peace activists, and opportunities for independent learning. 

Your political representatives - national, state or provincial, and local - need to know you are concerned about human rights and the impact of the deteriorating situation in Israel/Palestine on world peace. So, too, do your community leaders: union officials, clergy, academics, civic associations and the media. Meet with them, show them our materials and tell them you will support their efforts to achieve a just peace in the Middle East.

Help raise awareness and funds for ICAHD’s work. We will provide you with an advocacy packet: a film of ICAHD’s activities, maps, analytical booklets, power point presentations and other resources you might desire. All of these can be found on our Resources page. The materials are also suitable for presentations in schools, civic, and religious organizations.

We are looking for dedicated interns for our projects. We are interested in people who will bring their ideas to the work of ICAHD. Legal analyses, historical research, and popular education have all been common topics amongst previous interns. ICAHD can arrange for your work with us to be part of a university program.

Potential interns need to commit to at least 2 months for their internship. If you are interested in interning with ICAHD please send your CV to jeff@icahd.org with a short cover letter explaining why you are interested in working with ICAHD, and specific areas or topics you are keen to further develop during your stay.

Our political and rebuilding activities are funded completely by donations. You can support our work by clicking on the Donate Now button below.