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Urgent Appeal to Rebuild Demolished Palestinian Home This Winter 

In the wake of the Israeli government’s bombardment of Gaza over July and August, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists continue their non-violent resistance to Israel’s Occupation through ICAHD; rebuilding together demonstrates that we are partners in peace-building. ICAHD had planned to rebuild this specific home during its 12th annual rebuilding camp for internationals in August. However, the attack on Gaza and the ensuing unrest in the West Bank prevented proceedings. ICAHD is resolved not to cancel its commitment to the 'AF' family and with Israel’s escalation of demolitions and displacement during 2014, this is precisely the time Palestinians need demonstrations of support and solidarity. This winter we will rebuild this home for a family of seven plus others from the extended family. ICAHD believes the world must not ignore the travesties of Israel’s Occupation and its impact on ordinary people. We ask you to donate anything you can to help finance this.

To find out more about the family please follow this link - http://www.icahd.org/node/130

To date ICAHD has rebuilt 187 homes.

Please visit our campaign website to support us and find out more about the ICAHD rebuilding project in the West Bank



This year:

Structures Demolished
People Displaced
Structures Demolished in the WB & E.Jerusalem


ContactRuth Edmonds ruth.icahd@gmail.com

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